Why Utah Escapes?


Owner Testimonial:
We have had the best experience with Jeff and Karin Gauvin of Utah Escapes.  They recently helped us find and on-board a nightly rental in Moab.  Today we had our first guest. Upon arrival their first comment was "The home is very clean...relaxing and pleasant".  Like music to our ears!  We have lots of experience with properties/managers in Colorado, Utah, and Arizona, both nightly and longer-term rentals.  WE CAN'T SAY ENOUGH GOOD ABOUT our experience with Utah Escapes.  Their super competitive cost and business process is well thought out and WORKS.
As a R/E agent, Jeff found a beautiful property and helped us negotiate a good deal in a competitive market.  If you have a property or want to get one, Utah Escapes should be your first call!  Jeff has tremendous experience in the biz and is BY FAR the best manager we have ever worked with! These guys exceed expectations in every category.  For example, they bought and delivered a new hot water heater (old one was shot).  We met at the property and installed it together!  Who does that?? Karin helped my wife go through the interior with many upgrades and inventory extras that are sure to bring in high reviews. These two are consummate professionals with the right advice/fix to any situation.  I've had managers so bad I was forced to sell the property in peak season.  Believe us, the right R/E Agent, property manager combo like Utah Escapes is KEY to a successful rental experience!  
We are in the process of onboarding our second property with Utah Escapes in the St George area. Being hundreds of miles away in Denver, we can sleep at night with these pros on our side.  Why not go with the best?  Contact us if you have questions.  Boyd Lennberg, Certified Financial Planner.  blennberg@hotmail.com.